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Skywall system gives the flexibility of dividing a room into a separate space for any purpose at the touch of a button. The advantage over conventional systems are no obtrusive stacking arrangements. Simply press the button and partition sections glide gently downwards from the ceiling into position and form an attractive and effective partition between rooms. To retract, simply push the button and the Skywall’s unique design withdraws the system into a hidden compartment in the ceiling void, removing the system from view.

Skywall at Gazprom, London



Up to 4,000mm

Panel Width

Upto 7,000mm

Sound Reduction

Up to Rw 42dB (single wall) and Rw 62dB (double wall)

Panel Thickness


Suspension Method

Top hung

Operation Mode

Fully electric

Panel Type

Indivudual panel

Seal Type


Panel Construction

Aluminium frame


Internal or external

Stacking Options

Within ceiling void

Panel Finishes

Single glazing/solid finish to clients spec
Stacking Options

Skywall Stacking

Moving wall and operable partition maintenance

Our expert servicing and maintenance professionals have been providing support across the country for systems of all types and manufacturers.