In early 2022 Movawall was approached by workplace design experts at NHQ to help deliver a number of flexible space solutions at the London-based home of multi-award winning media company, UKTV.

The workspace is spread across multiple floors at the prestigious 10 Hammermith Grove building in West London – all of which are predominantly open plan, offering staff flexibility and choice in terms of where and how they want to work.

Movawall’s agile moving panel system Float allows one of the office’s many collaboration spaces to be reconfigured in seconds, creating smaller zones when required or allowing for all panels to be stacked away when the entire floorspace is needed. Drywipe panels provide additional writing space for brainstorming sessions, presentations and more. These panels can be easily locked into position with a compression foot bolt.

A selection of Float panels made from our lightweight acoustic polyester material, Serenity, are also present. These match the horizontally-suspended acoustic ceiling baffles made from the same material.

These 24mm thick panels offer effective protection against excess reverberation within the space when in use, soaking up unwanted sound bouncing off of the many reflective surfaces on display.

A second Float system comprising of six panels split across two lengths of parallel track was installed within another collaboration area, which works in conjunction with the mobile furniture in the space to allow for quick reconfiguration of space when required.

A third and final Float system was installed between another open-plan collaboration area featuring a number of desks and two rows of workstations design to provide staff with flexible access to a second monitor screen if needed.

The four panel system comprises of two panels with drywipe surfaces on both sides, allowing for extra writing space, along with two lightweight Serenity polyester panels. The workspace also offers a large, open-plan breakout space featuring a fully-fitted kitchen, a plethora of seating opportunities and of course a variety of screens showing UKTV’s various channels in real-time.