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The acoustic glazed folding partition is a unique product on the world market. The acoustic glazed folding partition provides outstanding acoustic levels and gives an opportunity for flexible solutions unachievable with any other wall.

Each panel consists of two adjacent panes of glass, which guarantee superior sound insulation, an incredible Rw47dB. Regardless of this innovative feature, the wall operates in the same way as our other folding walls. The acoustic glazed folding partition consists principally of glass with a choice of frame made from either natural anodised aluminium or black anodised aluminium. 


Type G200 at the London Wall Showroom





Height Up to 3,000mm
Panel Width Upto 950mm
Sound Reduction Rw 47dB

Common Sounds Sound Level (dB)
Threshold of Hearing 0
Whisper 13
Quiet Conversation 20
Private Office 30
Quiet Radio 40
Average Business Office 50
Limit for Quiet Office Environment 55
Normal Conversation 60
Limit for Normal Office Enviroment 70
Amplified Speech / Road Traffic / Loud Music 80
Limit for Factories 85
25 Piece Orchestra / Shouting Voice 1m 90
Continuous Exposure Dangerous to Hearing 95
Low Flying Aircraft / Noisy Plant 100
Hard Rock Band, Noisy Plant 115
Jet Aircraft Taking Off 20m Distance 120
Jack Hammer 1m Distance 125
Threshold of Pain 130

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Panel Weight 40kg/m2





Stacking Options


Endfold Single Unit

Centrefold Bi-Parting

Centrefold Single Unit

Endfold Bi-Parting


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