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Movawall Type 80 system is a top hung movable acoustic wall of lighter construction made up of individual panels designed to give economical but strong and long lasting use in the division of space requiring flexibility and offers good levels of sound reduction and high quality finish.

Type 80 is ideal for use in meeting rooms, classrooms, church halls and offices. Panels can be finished in priming sheet for client decoration, standard factory finish in standard laminate or spray paint, textile coverings, full range of veneers and laminates or to suit clients requirements.





Height Up to 6,000mm
Panel Width Upto 1,250mm (wider on request)
Sound Reduction Up to Rw 53dB (laboratory tested)

Movawall systems offer the highest level of acoustic ratings available. Sound reduction is achieved using dense cladding, adding internal insulation materials within the panels and by using deep seated mechanically operated retractable seals set to a high sealing pressure applied by worm screw drive and deep interlocking vertical seals.

Special panel surface finishes can help maintain or improve the acoustic qualities of existing sound conditions. Panel faces can vary from acoustically absorbent slotted boards to improve sound absorption levels of a room to the use of soft fabrics to control levels of noise reverberation. Our walls are constantly being developed and confirmed by recognised testing authorities to achieve higher acoustic levels and greater client satisfaction.

Walls are measured in accordance with DIN EN 20 140-3. Please contact our technical department for any assistance required and further information.

Common Sounds Sound Level (dB)
Threshold of Hearing 0
Whisper 13
Quiet Conversation 20
Private Office 30
Quiet Radio 40
Average Business Office 50
Limit for Quiet Office Environment 55
Normal Conversation 60
Limit for Normal Office Enviroment 70
Amplified Speech / Road Traffic / Loud Music 80
Limit for Factories 85
25 Piece Orchestra / Shouting Voice 1m 90
Continuous Exposure Dangerous to Hearing 95
Low Flying Aircraft / Noisy Plant 100
Hard Rock Band, Noisy Plant 115
Jet Aircraft Taking Off 20m Distance 120
Jack Hammer 1m Distance 125
Threshold of Pain 130

Panel Thickness 80mm
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Suspension method Top hung, no floor track
Operation Mode Manual
Panel Type Indivudual panel
Seal Type Retractable
Panel Construction Aluminium frame
Panel Weight Up to 56kg/m2
Fireproof Qualities Class 1
Class 0

Movawall Type 80 movable walls are available with F30 1/2 hour and F60 1 hour fire rated construction. Class ‘1’ and Class ‘0’ Surface Spread of Flame ratings are also available. Our F30 1/2 hour tested system incorporates a double pass door panel. Copies of our test performance certificates are available upon request.

Pass Door Panels Full Height
Single Inset
Usage Internal
Stacking Options TL1 ('E' system)
TL2 (‘Za’ system)
TL3 (‘Zb’ system)
TL4 (‘Z’ system)
TL5 (‘K’ system)
TL6 (‘K’ system)
TL7 (‘K’ system)
TL8 (‘K’ system)
Panel Edges Exposed or concealed, SAA or powder coated
Panel Finishes Laminate
HP Laminate

Our Type 80 provides a wide choice of panel finishes to suit most specifiers requirements. Finishes include a full range of high quality veneers, melamine, laminates, steel sheet and texture coverings. Special finishes include joinery cladding, mouldings and inserts, mirrors or clients own purpose made panelling.

Our experts are always available to explain the wide range of material options, including the best choice to meet particular needs as well as to discuss the choice of colours and designs that can match or exceed the clients design expectations. We are also able to incorporate custom made finishes and designs wherever it is practical to do so.

We can provide installations that do not just provide a practical solution to space problems, but enhance the room aesthetically as well, even providing adaptable surfaces for other uses such as displaying information, screen projection or writing on.

Other clients finishes, added materials or even custom made illustrations incorporated into the panel construction, are just some of the many ways to match almost any taste. They can also brighten up an area and enliven a wall that might otherwise only be utilised for its functional qualities as a room divider.

Other Options Curved
Glazed cut outs



All technical drawings are subject to change. 




Stacking Options


'EE' Junction Panel with 'K' & 'E' Track

'Z' Track

Double 'K' Track

Inset Pass Door on 'K' Track

Remote 'K' Track

DT Pass Door on 'E' Track

'E' Track

Offset 'K' Track