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Movawall Type G100 is a Fully Glazed Movable Acoustic Wall System. Previously clients needed to choose between a solid panel system with sound reducing properties and a glazed non acoustic system. G100 now provides a solution where light and high acoustic performance is combined in one complete system.

G100 can be integrated with our solid type 100SE system to create a clear visual separation or a solid look when privacy is needed or when a pass door panel is required. G100 is also available with internal blinds housed within the double glazed unit, which are electrically operated.

Type G100 with Crittall effect combined with our Type 100 system at BDB Pitmans



Up to 4,000mm 

Panel Width

Upto 1,250mm

Sound Reduction

Up to Rw 54dB

Glass Thickness


Suspension Method

Top hung, no floor track

Operation Mode

Semi-electric (with manual overide)

Panel Type

Individual panel

Seal Type

Electronically operated automatic seals

Panel Construction

Glass with aluminium frame

Panel Weight

Up to 40kg/m2

Pass Door Panels

Single Inset



Stacking Options

• TL1 (‘E’ system)
• TL2 (‘Za’ system)
• TL3 (‘Zb’ system)
• TL4 (‘Z’ system)
• TL5 (‘K’ system)
• TL6 (‘K’ system)
• TL7 (‘K’ system)
• TL8 (‘K’ system)

Panel Edges

33mm to all sides

Panel Finishes

Standard colours Silver or White, or to chosen RAL colour

Other Options

Automatic internal blinds

All drawings are subject to change.

NBS Specification
Stacking Options

‘Z’ Track

‘EE’ Junction Panel with ‘K’ & ‘E’ Track

‘E’ Track

Double ‘K’ Track
DT Pass Door on ‘E’ Track

Inset Pass Door on ‘K’ Track

Offset ‘K’ Track
Remote ‘K’ Track

Moving wall and operable partition maintenance

Our expert servicing and maintenance professionals have been providing support across the country for systems of all types and manufacturers.