Based in Somerset, Taunton School was founded all the way back in 1847. While the building’s stunning exterior has been immaculately preserved in the years since, the interior has of course been routinely upgraded during that time in order to support the ever-evolving demands of educational environments – including the recent installation of our Type G100 movable wall system.
Type G100 is a glazed partition system that provides effective protection again sound transfer when fully closed, achieving up to Rw 54dB. This particular system is comprised of 10 panels, with half being glass and the other half sporting a solid matte black finish – all housed within a sleek black painted aluminium frame.
Thanks to the Type G100, the school’s cafeteria layout can changed within minutes, offering the choice between a large open plan space, or a pair of smaller rooms. A fully solid system would not allow for the transfer of natural light to the smaller of the two spaces created when the system is in use, however the glazed panels mean this is not an issue. A pass door also allows for access between the smaller spaces when the panels are being used.