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Movable walls are usually required in areas that need to give consideration to the level of noise travelling between the partitioned rooms. Sound reduction is achieved using dense cladding, adding internal insulation materials within the panels and by using deep seated mechanically operated retractable seals set to a high sealing pressure applied by worm screw drive and deep interlocking vertical seals. Movawall systems offer the highest level of acoustic ratings available - our Type 100 can achieve sound reduction ratings up to Rw 60dB. Made to measure special versions are also available upon request. Walls are measured in accordance with DIN EN 20 140-3.

Special panel surface finishes can help maintain or improve the acoustic qualities of existing sound conditions. Panel faces can vary from acoustically absorbent slotted boards to improve sound absorption levels of a room to the use of soft fabrics to control levels of noise reverberation. Our walls are constantly being developed and confirmed by recognised testing authorities to achieve higher acoustic levels and greater client satisfaction. Please contact our technical department for any assistance required and further information.