London-based economic consultancy firm Frontier were looking to refurbish their workplace in preparation for their return to the office following the pandemic.

Wanting to refresh all staff-facing areas and create an inspiring work environment that encourages collaboration and social interaction, they appointed award-winning office design company Oktra to oversee the project.

Having worked successfully on a number of projects in the past, Oktra approached Movawall with the need for a flexible space solution that would enhance collaborative working opportunities.

The existing open plan area was redesigned to become an agile workspace that would inspire interaction between employees, at the centre of which is Movawall’s Float system; a variety of top-hung panels which can be moved to create a number of different layouts within the space.

A number of drywipe panels are present, allowing for extra writing space during group work sessions. These panel lock into place with a simple compression foot bolt to stay still when in use.

Panels made from our Serenity acoustic polyester material act as decorative acoustic absorbers, helping to soak up unwanted sound within the space, while sporting a custom cut-out pattern that allows for transfer of light space while maintaining a level of visual privacy.