UKTV, London – Float

In early 2022 Movawall was approached by workplace design experts at NHQ to help deliver a number of flexible space solutions at the London-based home of multi-award winning media company, UKTV.

Global Marketing Leader, London – Float

Movawall was approached by the design and build experts at Tétris to provide a space division solution that allowed for multiple configurations within one of the open plan spaces on this 7th floor, London-based project.

TBWA\MCR, Manchester – Float

The TBWA\MCR team sought a solution that would enable staff to work as a team, or split up into pairs and work within quickly configurable zones. Their search lead them to the discovery of Float – Movawall’s agile moving panel system.

Intelliflo, London – Float

Float, our sliding panel system, not only helped to deliver a workspace that is flexible thanks to lightweight panels that can be moved in seconds, but also provided a plethora of functional surfaces.

TabCorp, London – Float

TabCorp, an integrated gambling and entertainment company, and the global media company News Corp, set up a joint venture to break into the online gambling market in the United Kingdom.

Frontier, London – Float

Having worked successfully on a number of projects in the past, Oktra approached Movawall with the need for a flexible space solution that would enhance collaborative working opportunities.

Anglian Water, Lincoln – Float

Made from 100% recycled polyester, our eco-friendly Serenity material was also present amongst a selection of Float panels – lightweight screens which allow for division of space quickly and easily.

Incremental Group, Glasgow – Float

Working with fit out firm AKP and Incremental Group directly, Movawall was able to assist in shaping this perfect workspace by manufacturing and installing a selection of agile Float panels in a variety of finishes.

Commercial Offices, Manchester – G200

Movawall was approached to provide a glass moving wall system that could seamlessly integrate in to the overall design of the space by matching the proposed glass partitions, while offering space flexibility.